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Fun Exercises for Dogs

Like all of us, dogs too need daily exercise to keep fit. Without adequate exercise, dogs can become lethargic and obese, and in turn, attract a number of ailments like arthritis. Dogs are often called a man’s best companion, so it the responsibility of men as well to take good care of their companion. Most of us want to pamper our dogs with expensive dog food and chew toys and in the meantime, give in to their tantrums and not take them on a walk.

Like human beings, dogs come in a wide range of temperaments. While some can’t wait to go on a walk, others don’t want to leave their comfortable beds.  At times, it so happens that even we do not have the time to take our dogs on a walk. However, that is no longer a problem. You can just as easily search for Dog Walkers near San Jose when you are tied up in a lot of work and cannot take your dogs out to walk. In that case, a number of service providers like Dog Fit Unlimited can provide you with San Jose Dog Walkers‎ to help you with your chore.

If the outside environmental conditions are particularly bad, you can even try these indoor exercising ideas that would keep your dog fir, agile and healthy:

Work them for the Treat

Rather than just handing them their favorite treat, you can make them work a little bit for it. Hide the treats in odd places in the house and encourage your dog to go fetch them. You can also take the help of treat dispensing toy machines that are equipped to dish out a pellet of food when the lever is pushed.  In the process of looking for the treat, your dog will eventually exhaust itself and get a good exercise.

Play fetch with your dogs

Dogs love fetching a ball. Turn this simple game into an interesting exercise. Not only will your dogs be thoroughly invested in the game and won’t even understand they are exercising; they would also love you for it. These games apart from keeping the dogs engrossed, are also a wonderful outlet for their energy.

Encourage your dogs to run on the treadmill

Contrary to what you may believe, treadmills are not just for humans. Your dogs can run on them too. Before blasting off your equipment at the full speed with your dog tumbling and falling on it, get your dog acquainted to the sight, sound, and speed of the machine. Run the treadmill at the lowest possible speed and encourage your dog to get up on it. Once he is comfortable enough, you can then gradually increase the speed of the machine to present a reasonable challenge. 
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